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We know you’ll love our groomers because we have a proven track record of pets stepping onto the grooming table themselves!

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Mitch Puerling

Mitch started her career in California, where she worked at a dog boarding facility while attending college as a Child Development major. She fell in love with the dogs, switched to grooming school with Animal Behavioral College, and never looked back.

After completing her training, she continued to work for the boarding facility while also working at the local Humane Society as a groomer. Upon moving to Golden in 2016, she began work as a full-time groomer. She currently lives with her fiancé and has two standard Poodles, an old Lab, and a cat. She specializes in haircuts for dogs with curly coats, but does well with all breeds.

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Taryn Hines

Taryn Hines recently returned to Colorado, following her husband’s retirement. Due to her husband’s multiple work locations, Taryn accumulated vast experience, which ranged from training through a large corporation to working within small private shops. She also has worked at a private kennel and, most recently, at a veterinarian. She recently attended the Grooming Expo in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Taryn’s affection towards animals as a young child developed into a passion for animals and the unconditional love they provide. Taryn has received numerous accolades from employers and pet owners for the compassion and gentleness she uniquely exhibits towards each animal as if they were her own. Taryn’s work ethic, dependability, “quality over quantity” approach, and friendliness with each owner and their pet(s) are some of her best traits.

Taryn, her husband, their two children, and Kimber their female Rottie, live in the Golden area.

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Meredith Swetlic

Meredith as a long time dog lover, started her career working with dogs at the start of 2019 as a PetSmart bather. She quickly fell in love with making dogs feel great and started training to be a groomer shortly after. She now loves everything about grooming and pampering your pup.

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Amanda Philbrick

My name is Amanda Philbrick, and I am a 26 year old dog fanatic excited to join the Golden Paws family! My love for dogs and all other creatures began at a young age, and I knew even then that I would love to have a career working with animals. I have worked previously at a doggy daycare and gained extensive knowledge on dog behavior ranging from the tiny Chihuahuas to the giant Bernese Mountain Dogs. In my free time I enjoy creative outlets like singing, songwriting, and drawing, and hanging out with my Pomeranian pup Leo too!

Who we are

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a partner to our clients and provide individualized care for all of our pet owners and pets. We will strive to always deliver the Golden Three “P”s to our clients:


We partner with our clients. We do not assume anything. We make sure we are meeting their needs and we are on their agenda. If a client does not want a particular service, we do not perform it. If they have a particular need, we make every effort to meet it.

Preferred Cut

Groomers have ideas for a preferred cut and owners may have an idea for a preferred cut. We always follow what the owner’s idea is for a preferred cut.

Understanding of Price

We will quote a price at the beginning of the service, once we see your pet. We will stay true to the price. If an unforeseen service needs to be performed, we will inform the client of the additional cost.

She’s done such a fabulous job and I’m so impressed that she scissor cut both of them and gave us such a great price. I trust her 100% when it comes to my boys. Y’all should go see her!

Allicea Orcutt

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